It’s fair to say that cryptocurrency had a shockingly bad year in 2022. With hackers and thieves lifting prodigious electronic sackfuls of cash from a variety of exchanges, and whole exchanges collapsing into the sand on which they were built due to chronic mismanagement, it was a year that made even some significant adopters wary of dabbling again in what became known as an unstable environment. Blockchain, which the tech world knows is the underpinning technology on which things like cryptocurrency are built, was tarred with the same brush to some effect in the eyes of the wider public, meaning it has some distance of education to run to free itself from the bad odor of cryptocurrency and establish itself as an understood part of the wider business and domestic world.

The question is how it can do that in a world in which it’s largely a badly misunderstood force, despite already underpinning a lot of existing and developing technological transactions and work?

We sat down with Ronny Tome, who perhaps unsurprisingly is the founder of a well-regarded blockchain named Ducatus. His conviction is that blockchain is – or at least could be – an entirely revolutionary technology across myriad sectors if only there was sufficient understanding and take-up of it.

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