• Total number of DUC is fixed at maximum 7,778,742,049
  • Low fees, fast transactions, staking rewards
  • Strong supporting community, merchant acceptance for payments


  • Total number of DUCX is fixed at maximum 777,874,205
  • Low fees, smart contracts available
  • Enabling only trusted project tokens
  • Strong supporting community, exchange traded

The Ducatus Wallet

The Ducatus ecosystem exists as a web-wallet that runs on all desktop platforms Windows, Linux, macOS and mobile for iOS platforms and Android. Users can send transactions and accept payments not only in DUC and DUCX but also in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, XRP, Ethereum and USDC, PAX and GUSD tokens. More coins and tokens will be added in the future.



To attract existing crypto holders and traders to the Ducatus ecosystem, the Wrapped DucatusX (WDUCX) token was created on the Binance Smart Chain and has since been launched for trading on PancakeSwap and Coinsbit.io. A total amount of 777.874.205 tokens is minted over a period of 3 years with 90% of its supply being burned, triggered by swapping transactions of DUCX to WDUCX through the Ducatus wallet.




Users can earn passive income in Ducatus. To do this, simply open a deposit for 5, 13 or 34 months and receive 8%, 13%, or 21% staking bonus per annum respectively.

In the future with the increasing level of decentralization, it is planned to switch to the POS consistency algorithm and implement a profit in accordance with the number of DUCX.


DucatusX Ethereum
432 ZH 2,148.98 TH
Block Producing Speed
40 sec. stable from 15 sec to 15 minutes, depends on network load
TX cost
min gas price = 8gwei

gas limit = 21000

8 x 21000 = 0.000168 DUCX = 0.000084$


for ex gas price = 8 gwei (it’s too low for ethereum, not recommend)

gas limit = 21000

8 x 21000 = 0.000168 ETH = 0,022848$


DucatusX Ethereum
Smart-contract support
Yes (Solidity), contracts can only be created after project analysis and administrator approval Yes (Solidity)
RPC, Web socket support
Yes. For the security reasons ports opened only for proven resources yes
Total pending transaction
0 – at the moment, all transactions included into the block. Transaction Timeout = New Block Creation Time 34 586