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At Ducatus, our goal is to seamlessly bring together both people and businesses to build a global community that thrives within the new digital economy.

In harnessing a real global currency, we take great effort in creating an ecosystem that links Ducatus to people and the various industries that serve their needs, from lifestyle, travel, and hospitality, to health, charity, and more.


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Based on the principles of the Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci, Ducatus has generated a total of 7,778,742.049 digital coins, a number similar to the number of people in our planet.

Through a unique ecosystem called the Ducatus Crypto-Economy, we are building a financial environment that makes it possible for people to use Ducatus in everyday life. From buying coffee and booking holidays, purchasing a new home and nurturing one’s health, to making payments and accepting payments, the Ducatus Crypto-Economy champions acceptance of the Ducatus Coin and empowers a seamless, more inclusive digital economy.

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Technology, Community and a New Crypto-Economy

We developed our blockchain and coin using the latest technology. We are also leveraging a dynamic network marketing system to distribute our coins globally. This powerful approach allowed us to be present in more than 100 countries in less than six months. We have also developed a group of affiliate businesses that encourages the use of our cryptocurrency in everyday life.

By promoting the ability to use Ducatus Coin across a broad range of activities, we will advance Ducatus’ role as an alternative means of exchange and differentiate ourselves from our competition.

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