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Credit Cards

The easiest way to spend crypto (launching 2022)

  • Use your DUCATUS debit card anywhere major credit cards are accepted.
  • Sign up, complete your application, deposit any amount you want and receive your virtual or physical debit card.
  • Your funds are held in crypto, we only convert it into fiat at the time of the transaction.
Launching 2022

Buy, Trade, Swap, Stake

  • Swap DUC to DUCX
  • Stake your coins for 5, 13 or 34 months
  • Annual rewards on coins staked
  • Buy and sell other cryptocurrencies
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The DUCATUS cashless Economy

Advancing a new global vision, we can only be as relevant as our community and client base; we need to make sure they are part of the Ducatus digital cashless journey.

What started as a way to disrupt financial payment transactions has crystallized into an integrated, sustainable digital framework lending itself to our vision of a cashless economy.


Exchange and Partners

Our offices: Strategic Presence

Our global reach complements our financial and strategic objectives. With presence in Asia, Europe and the Middle East, we are able to venture into established, developing ans untapped markets with equal focus.

Roadmap 2022