The spotlight is currently on the metaverse, but the concept of the multiverse, or multiple virtual universes, is slowly gaining traction.

The metaverse continues to gain popularity worldwide. Though it depends on how you define the metaverse, it’s estimated that it has over 400 million active users monthly, and the global metaverse market is projected to surpass USD 1.3 trillion by 2030.

While the metaverse is a relatively established concept, a comprehensive idea of the metaverse is slowly gaining traction: the multiverse. With the rapid and constant change that the world is experiencing due to continuous technological innovations, how we communicate and access information has dramatically changed over the years.

For this article, we talked with Ronny Tome, the founder of a blockchain company Ducatus Global, to help us shed more light on the multiverse, what it is, and what it will play in bringing the metaverse to life.

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